I recently wrote a blog about ransomware with suggestions on how to avoid being a victim.  I found this article by @MT_Heller to be a scary reminder that ransomware continues to be profitable for Cybercriminals and so they spend the time and effort to make it better and easier for anyone to use.

In the article Travis Smith, principal security research engineer at Tripwire, is quoted as saying, “the best option is to rely on valid backups to get your data back.  However, training users on safe and secure internet habits will go a long way in preventative maintenance against ransomware. Most infections will come in via a malicious link or attachment. Raising awareness around this type of attack path is critical for avoiding not only ransomware, but any other malware family.”

It comes back to having a cybersecurity plan in place that incorporates behavioral change.  Educating end users to “think before they click” will go a long way to preventing a ransomware attack.

New types of ransomware innovate with new features in an effort to find more revenue and fool researchers, according to experts.

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