Which Google employees has made the biggest impact to the company over the past decade? Besides the familiar choices of Larry and Sundar, I…

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Leaders need to heed this.  This is no fluff comment aimed at making a kinder, gentler workplace.  It’s a data-based conclusion drawn by Abeer Dubey and a team of researchers in Google’s People Analytics division after looking at 180 teams from all over Google.

“…The researchers eventually concluded that what distinguished the ‘good’ teams from the dysfunctional groups was how teammates treated one another.   The right norms, in other words, could raise a group’s collective intelligence, whereas the wrong norms could hobble a team, even if, individually, all the members were exceptionally bright.”

“ ‘We had lots of data,’ Dubey said, ‘but there was nothing showing that a mix of specific personality types or skills or backgrounds made any difference. The who part of the equation didn’t seem to matter.’ ’’

But how we treat each other does.

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