“While we’re seeing the number of attacks trending higher, we are also experiencing more rigorous reporting of cyber breaches and the uncovering of attacks that happened several years ago” says Dr. Hend Ezzeddine, PhD, Cyber Security Practice Director at Expressworks International.

While the number of companies adopting the latest workplace technology increases, the number of cybersecurity attacks is also on the rise. OPI’s technology update, “March of the Machines”, published in February’s edition of OPI Magazine, includes an interview with Dr. Hend Ezzeddine. Hend outlines the causes of the increasing number of attacks and the countermeasures that could be taken by businesses.

Hend mentions that company employees are responsible for 60 percent of all cyber-attacks and that smaller companies are at higher risk of being targeted.

It is essential that organizations take measures to prepare for the inevitable cyber-attacks. Employees should be involved and trained to use their technological devices safely to avoid those attacks that can be avoided.

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