Four Day Founder Hackathon Nurtures Budding BIPOC Entrepreneurs

There is promise in new ideas and an energy to the budding entrepreneur that is inspiring to be around. We are honored to have the opportunity to witness and mentor that energy in budding BIPOC entrepreneurs through our sponsorship of this year’s Four Day Founder Event.

4 Day Founder (4DF) is an international four-day startup hackathon event for BIPOC college students interested in entrepreneurship. With the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, their mission is to support racial equity in entrepreneurship & offer resources to future BIPOC entrepreneurs across the nation and beyond.

This year’s event takes place from March 11th – Sunday, March 14th. We’ll be cheering on and guiding participants in their efforts to shape and pitch ideas that not only have the power to shape the business landscape but the narrative around BIPOC talent as well.